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  • Innovative ingredients for Industrial and Institutional cleaning leaders

    The world of Industrial and Institutional cleaning is overflowing with opportunities for inventive solutions. Your customers are looking for more efficiency and performance in their cleaning products, as well as the ability to talk about sustainability. At BASF we focus on providing the innovative chemistries, formulations, and technical expertise you need to create the products that will move the industry forward.


    Experience and Innovation to Get You to Market Faster

    BASF I&I formulations are backed by deep industry knowledge and 150 years of global chemical research and development experience. We start each project with a comprehensive understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities. BASF I&I formulations are created to perform in both common and unique environments as well as verified with the latest analytical testing and lab equipment. Take advantage of BASF’s expertise and state-of-the-art lab to commercialize the solutions you need, faster.

    Can’t find the formulation you need? Reach out to your BASF sales rep to find out how we can help solve your next formulation challenge.

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    A Wide Range of Ingredients for High-Performing Products

    Industry-leading cleaning products start with creative formulation and grow with consistent quality. Our broad suite of chemicals means you will always find the right ingredients to meet the regulations, certifications, and labeling requirements of your next generation of cleaning products. Once you have your formula, you can trust BASF to deliver ingredients that meet your exact specifications and ensure your product always meets your customers’ expectations.

    Get the solution to your next I&I cleaning challenge delivered to your lab. Order your free samples today.

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    Low 1,4-Dioxane Solutions: Delivering the Future of Clean

    A new law in New York state will significantly limit the allowable concentrations of 1,4-Dioxane in cleaning, personal care, and cosmetic products. BASF's powerful Flex portfolio of certified low 1,4-Dioxane products offers you new ways to expand your formulation possibilities with sustainable and safer choices—while delivering the efficiency and performance your customers demand.

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